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Are you spending most of your productive time managing finances instead of concentrating on your business? Do you dread tax season, hoping there was an easier way to prepare your taxes? If so, then you have come to the right place.

A Certified Public Accounting Firm 

SRG & Company, LLC is a certified public accounting firm which provides the highest quality of services through experienced professionals who also maintain their personal and family priorities as part of their work ethic. The firm provides professional services in three essential areas: auditing and accounting; tax planning and preparation; and general consulting.

Professional services relating to auditing and accounting are provided to business, nonprofit entities, individuals and specialized organizations, such as retirement plans and trusts. Professional services relating to tax planning and preparation are provided to individuals, business entities, nonprofit groups, trusts and other professionals.

The practice of public accounting and consulting are dynamic and must be responsive to the clients being served. The convergence program between the United States and other international groups will require modification of most accounting systems in the United States and will require experienced professionals to address these new systems. The increasing government debt, both domestically and internationally, will stress tax regulations in seeking methods to fund programs and other governmental interest. These new tax mechanisms require extensive planning to achieve the maximum benefit. SRG & Company, LLC provides the firm experience for both domestic and internationally oriented clients to guide them through the unique opportunities this new environment presents. 

Why Choose SRG & Company, LLC:

  • Appropriate Periodic Information Reports
  • Planning as an Integrated Activity
  • Proper and Effective Representation before Regulatory Organizations
  • Using the Entity Structure to Achieve Predicted Results

Mission: No Surprises

Good information is required to make good decisions. We help design, implement, monitor and prepare financial statements that produce organizationally specific data summaries. Tax compliance requires knowledge of the regulations and experience with implementation of strategies to achieve accurate results. Tax planning is used to develop these strategies for using the regulations to the maximum benefit. The objective is to achieve no surprises.

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